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A Legacy of True Devotion to Healing

A Legacy of True Devotion to Healing

Since generations Dharma family has been passionately committed to offer the best possible treatment to make a difference in the lives of their patients. Each member of our skilled and talented team from doctors to therapists share the same passionate approach and have the heart and expertize to work together in providing you with the highest level of care.

Our team of professionals of impressive acclaim were hand picked and trained by late Dr.Bahuleyan – one of the most revered authority and the final word in Ayurvedic cures with over 50 years priceless experience in treating patients with varied health conditions.
And today, the team is guided by his able son, the internationally recognized Ayurvedic physician and current head of dharma family - Dr.Jayaprakash.

Late Dr.Bahuleyan

Dr.Bahuleyan established Dharma Ayurveda in Trivandrum at Ayirooppara in 1965 and has been a guiding light and torch bearer of dharma family’s unique and radical approach in Ayurvedic...


Dr.Jayaprakash MD heads the international operations of Ayurmana. One of the pioneers in adapting the concepts of Ayurveda for the Western society, he has been instrumental in propagating its...

Ambily Jayaprakash

Ambily Jayaprakash is an Internationally recognized Yoga Consultant and Energy healer.She guides our team of Yoga instructors practicing in India and Overseas. Her special field of ineterest is...

Lalithabai Bahuleyan

Lalithabai Bahuleyan - 'the mother of the house' was a Teacher by profession and is also a Naturopathy consultant. She has devotedly followed Dr Bahuleyan's path in serving the patients who...