What clients say about Ayurmana !

I lost over 70 pounds at ayurmana and it changed my life completely. My diabetes and hypothyroidism vanished and I feel like a different person altogether. I am more active and energetic, mood is fantastic and people say I look at least 10 years younger.

Abdul Mehsin, Kuwait

My wound in the foot wasnt healing for months and I was advised amputation. On undergoing ayurvedic treatment for 4 weeks at ayurmana,the wound healed completely.

Suresh Krishnan, India

I used to suffer chronic fatigue and low mood. Ayurvedic treatment changed me totally. I feel refreshed and renewed.Never thought I would get back to this good fitness levels.

Fiona , U.K.

In under six weeks at ayurmana, my blood sugar,cholesterol, thyroid and hypertension came within normal limits. Amazingly effective. Metabolic syndrome reversed.

Ashish Kapur, India

My GP had suggested bariatric surgery as I was suffering from morbid obesity. I am grateful to ayurmana for helping me lose over 40 kilos and avoid surgery. And the best part was that I never had to starve to lose weight under the program.

Paul D’ Souza, India

Since several years I couldnt sleep without taking sedative and was also on anti-depressant. After ayurvedic treatment, I stopped both medicines and yet am feeling better than I have ever been.

Lynn R Williams, USA

I was taking insulin 30 -30 and two other medicines for diabetes. Ayurvedic treatment gave great results. I have stopped insulin and the pills now and yet my sugar is normal. Now I stopped insulin and oral hypoglycemic too.

Sweta Tivari, India

I still cant believe that I am now healed of migraine. The headache used to be so bad and I had been suffering for so many years that I had accepted it as my fate. But Ayurveda treatment changed my life.

Harrison Simpson, Sweden

I was suffering from RA and was under medications for 6 years. My fingers had  deformity too. The improvement after 6 weeks of  treatment was astonishing. The pain and swelling almost vanished, even the deformity decreased.

Maunu Manninen, Finland

I am an IT professional and was suffering from neck and back pain. At Ayurmana in about 4 weeks all my symptoms disappeared. Never expected the remarkable improvement in such short time

Anand kumar, India

White patches on the chest, face and arms had got me depressed beyond anybody’s comprehension. I tried every treatment at my disposal. But there was no marked improvement. I took treatment at ayurmana upon recommendation from a friend and to my surprise the patches have started gaining pigmentation now. I am truly amazed by this natural system of medicine from India.

Adalberta Pinto, Italy

I have had hairfall and dandruff problem since I was a teenager. When my hairfall became gross and scalp started to show, I started running from doctor to doctor. Most times it gave some results but was always temporary until I took Ayurvedic treatment. My hairfall has stopped and dandruff disappeared and my hair has now grown thick and healthy.

Lengyel Judit, Hungary

Since childhood I was suffering from atopic eczema. After my 16th year it flared up and I went on steroids and immune suppressants. I came across Ayurmana by chance and got admitted for treatment. The symptoms subsided in less than 2 months and has’nt recurred ever since. I am 32 now and am off the medications and regaining my fitness which was upset by excessive steroid intake..

Meliha Sangen, Denmark

I was diagnosed as suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome couple years back. I went through extensive tests and treatments with no relief. But after my six weeks rasayana treatment, my overall health status has improved dramatically. I dont suffer from fatigue anymore, my mood has improved and I feel like refreshed and renewed.

Michelle Wurfel, Germany

After an accident I lost my memory, couldnt recognise even my wife or kids and got paralysed. Ayumana treatment brought me back to life. I still cant remember the incident and a long period after that. But I am back to normalcy now physically and mentally and my family and friends think it is a miracle after how they had seen me before.

Sudarsanan, India

I suffered from two consecutive strokes within 2 years. First time it affected the whole right side of body, while I was recovering gradually, I had a second incident and I lost speech,ability to swallow and whole left side of body paralysed. I was taken to ayurmana and nobody could believe how fast I recovered to almost complete normalcy.

Suhasini, India

I was a medical student when I was diagnosed with MS. I knew there was no cure but my parents forced me to go for ayurvedic treatment. I thank them now for doing that. My symptoms have disappeared completely over a period of 4 years and all the MRI markers have reversed. Even my professors were astonished by the improvement.

Cintheya, Germany

I started losing hair in patches couple of years back and it started to increase. I tried different medicines but the patches kept increasing in numbers. After getting treated at Ayurmana, the patches have all regrown hair and there are no more new patches coming.

Jason Sawyer, USA

In just 6 weeks my Osteoarthritis improved so much that I could walk without support after almost 4 years.

Sumathi, India

When diagnosed with PPMS, the doctors told me that I have to accept and adapt to the progression of the disease. I didn’t want to succumb without a fight and looked for alternate cures. Another MS patient suggested Ayurveda and it has been a revelation. My disease progression stopped and many of the symptoms in fact reversed.

Anja Mahler, Germany

I used to suffer from severe headache followed by nausea and vomiting. Tried every treatment available without success until I got cured by Ayurveda. I would recommend anyone with migraine to try ayurveda.

Elita Galarneau, France

I was on insulin 80 units a day when I came for treatment. Now I am off insulin and my blood sugar level has returned to normal range.

Reno Greve, Norway

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