Ambily Jayaprakash

Ambily Jayaprakash, Best yoga teacher in kerala

Best Ayurveda Yoga Teacher in Kerala India

Ambily Jayaprakash is an Internationally recognized Yoga Consultant and Energy healer. She trains and guides our team of Yoga instructors practising in India and Overseas.
Ambily has been featured in several international magazines and has done several TV programs in india and the middle east. She is regarded as one of the finest Ayurveda Yoga Teacher and Yoga consultant in Kerala India.
She periodically conducts Certified Yoga Teacher Training Courses. Her current work involves research, development and documentation of yoga in the following disciplines.

  • Ayurveda Yoga

  • Therapeutic yoga

  • Pregnancy yoga

  • Kids yoga

  • Pilates yoga

  • Healing Meditation

  • Chakra Healing

  • Healing Chants

  • Healing Mudras

  • Healing Music

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