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I was on insulin 80 units a day when I came for treatment. Now I am off insulin and my blood sugar level has returned to normal range.

Reno Greve, Norway

I was taking insulin and two other medicines for diabetes. Ayurvedic treatment gave great results. I have stopped insulin, oral hypoglycemic and the pills and yet my sugar is normal.

Sweta Tivari, India

Panchakarma is an intensive ayurvedic detoxification program aimed to reduce the toxin overload in the system, which could have accumulated over the decades contributed by environmental pollutants, contaminated or chemically processed foods, drugs, chemicals and pesticides, smoking etc

When the toxic overload is reduced, the body’s processes including immune system and metabolism, start performing to it’s true potential, thereby leading to healing and a higher quality of health and well being.

What are the Panchakarma treatments?

Toxins that enter the body can become very dangerous and affect the major organs. So the body removes them from the circulation and tries to eliminate it or move it deep into tissues like fat. However as the level of accumulated toxins in the tissues build up, it starts to derange the biological and physio-chemical processes in the body leading to varied physical and mental illnesses.

During a panchakarma program, these toxins are brought back to the channels of elimination and expelled by the five cleansing processes namely Vamana (Induced vomiting), Virechana (Purgation), Nasya (Nasal purge), Vasthi (Medicated enema) and Raktamoksha [Expelling Impure blood from an affected site].

How long does Panchakarma Treatment take?

A proper and effective panchakarma course involves 3 phases.

The first is the preparatory phase. In this initial phase we have to take a specific medicated preparation to get the body to release the toxins from the sites where its diffusedly stored so that they can be eliminated in the second phase. This medicine is administered in increasing dosage each day until it reaches the tissues and release the toxins back into the body. When this happens, you will exhibit typical signs of toxicity or poisoning which is when we start the next phase.

The second is the cleansing phase. This is the detoxification phase which involves the five [pancha] detoxification procedures [karmas]. Those are Induced vomiting, Purgation, Nasal purge, Medicated enema and blood letting. The number of days and times a therapy will have to be repeated is decided by an experienced and competent Physician. Also everyone may not require all these five procedures. Its also determined by the physician after detailed evaluation.

The third and final is the recovery phase. This phase focuses on getting the body to heal and settle into its innate natural rhythm. Nourishing herbal supplements and organic ayurvedic food will revive, refresh and rejuvenate the mind and body with a renewed surge of life energy.

During all these 3 phases at the retreat, you may have various oil massage therapies and other ayurvedic treatments. There will be daily consultation with the doctors as well as ayurveda yoga and meditation.

A complete classical panchakarma program cannot be completed in less than 42 days. This is primarily advised for patients suffering from chronic and resistant diseases

However a normal healthy person planning for a traditional ayurvedic treatment experience including detoxification for wellness, can do a 3 weeks special panchakarma treatment at affordable cost in Kerala. During this program you will also be initiated into a healthy lifestyle including yoga and meditation routines you can continue back home.

Does Panchakarma have side effects?

Well the answer is Yes and No. During the first phase when the toxins are released back into the system from where they were stored diffused in your body, you will feel sick as if poisoned. You are actually given detox medicine daily in increasing dosage till this happens. You may feel nausea, fever, fatigue, malaise, headaches, congestion, general sick feeling etc. These are actually not side effects. These are infact anticipated effects in this treatment process and a sign that toxins are being released. Once these toxins are expelled by the pancha karmas, you feel so much lighter, joyful and energetic.

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