Life at Dharmagiri

Welcome to Dharmagiri, a sacred home for Ayurvedic healing.

Ayurmana center for advanced healing is located on the lush green hillock of Dharmagiri at the environs of Trivandrum – Kerala. The center expands itself to its calm and amply facilitated cottages, inducing oneself to the serenity of nature. The space at Dharmagiri is shared between you and the herbs and trees that thrive freely entwined with the surroundings, harmonizing a natural rhythm within.

Specially designed cottages exuberate, a state of spacious wellness and elegant style, making you relax to the Scenic ambience of the place. A little walk to the hilltop will lead you to the Sacred Grove where you can meditate under the gentle shades of trees.

As the aroma of the ancient herbs and the passionate care steadily works for your body; you will unwind yourself to the soothing sound of the gentle breeze and the magic of the healing hands.

At Dharmagiri, life runs at a different pace.


Arrival: The moment you step out of Trivandrum airport or Railway station, you will find our friendly driver waiting for you with your name board to receive and assist you with your bags. And on your short drive to Dharmagiri you will get a glimpse of our buzzing city as well as the peaceful and beautiful Kerala countryside.

Warm Welcome: On entering Dharmagiri you will be received by our friendly staff who will escort you directly to your room without delays. We understand you may be tired from a long flight and may just be longing for a refreshing bath or to enjoy a cup of tea, or may be just to drift off for a revitalizing nap. All check in formalities can wait.

Meeting the healer: And finally when you are ready, you will be invited to your first meeting with our Physician.Your initial consultation may last anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hrs depending on your particular health concern and need.He may review your health records and perform a physical assessment and may ask you many important questions about your lifestyle and your mental, physical and emotional health. The physician may then discuss your health goals and detail your treatment plan to achieve the goals time bound.If at all any lab tests are advised by the physician we will help you schedule the tests too.

Treatment routine: Our physician will design your custom treatment plan considering all relevant factors. You may have therapies in the morning or in the afternoon or both.Whenever its time for a session, one of our therapists will come and find you in your room, in the garden or wherever you may be to call you in for the treatment.

Herbal medicines and Supplements: Ayurmana makes use of formulations that are made from natural, herbal medicinal ingredients with most preparations freshly produced in house to ensure quality and efficacy. In special cases where rare medicinal preparations are essential, the formulation is custom prepared for that particular guest with his involvement and prayer along with that of the healers and therapists, to focus the collective energy into the process of healing.

Cuisine: Dharmagiri serves Vegetarian Ayurveda cuisine that is delicious, yet light and easy to digest. Diet requirements may vary upon the physicians recommendations. In specific cases where diet restrictions are suggested, we create a customized menu adhering to the physicians advise.

Yoga and Meditation: Yoga and Meditation sessions are offered at Dharmagiri by our experienced masters. The yoga and meditation practice is intended to support your healing process and hence your physician will be involved with the Yoga master in designing the best routine for your specific needs.

The relationship continues: Once you arrive at Dharmagiri, you are treated like a family member. It will always be our pleasure to respond to your queries at any time. We will look forward to see you again.

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