Dr. Jayaprakash

Dr.Jayaprakash, Best Ayurvedic doctor

Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Kerala India

Dr. Jayaprakash was born into the Dharma family – traditional ayurvedic healers for over nine generations. He was initiated into healing in his early age by his father – the famous and most revered ayurvedic physician of his times – Dr. Bahuelyan. He further advanced his studies in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery and became one of the pioneers in adapting the concepts of Ayurveda for the modern society and life style with incredible effectiveness. His work has been instrumental in the propagation and practice of Ayurveda outside Kerala, across India and overseas. The “Doctors Vest Book of Indian Medicine” compiled and published by him in 1995 is considered the definite handbook for practitioners of Indian medicine – Ayurveda and Sidhha.

Dr. Jayaprakash’s inspirational life’s work exploring and following the true roots of ancient Indian medicine has unravelled many lost cures, treatment techniques and modalities that existed for several incurable diseases, in this land. His efforts and desire to to give back to these tribal and aborigine societies led to the constitution of the non profit organization ‘”Centre for Development of Indian Medicine”. The organisation supports the tribal and aborigine settlements in the forests and remote villages of attapadi, kallar, mukkali, maruthuamalai etc through Free medical camps, Free treatments and Free eye camps.

Dr. Jayaprakash who is widely recognised as the best ayurvedic doctor in Kerala, India now heads Dharma Ayurveda and its operations in India and abroad. His esteemed cleint list includes international celebrities – renowned scientists, doctors, writers, country leaders, legends from film and music industry, royal families etc.

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