Effective Ayurvedic Treatment for Disc prolapse

ayurmana neck, back and disc pain treatment program

Conquer spine problems and Regain your active life
Sustainable results in disc bulge and degenerative disc disorders


I was suffering from severe back pain that was restricting my normal activities. MRI revealed multiple level disc bulge and I was recommended surgery. But I wasnt prepared for a spinal surgery and tried ayurveda instead. The treatment brought me back to normal life again. I am active like before thanks to AyurMana.

Deepesh Vohra, India

The most common cause for Neck and Back pains is muscle spasm which accounts for almost 80% of all cases. However disc bulge has become more prevalent in the past few decades, even among youngsters. The factors causing slipped disc include lack of exercise (leading to weak back muscles thereby increasing the stress on the discs), prolonged hours of sitting, frequent long bike rides and drives etc

Ayurvedic treatment for disc prolapse will depend upon various factors like the affected disc level, extend on structural compromise, age, natural posture and gait of the patient, how long you have had a slipped disc, and how bad the complaints are from the nerve compression caused by the issue etc. Early diagnosis will help achieve almost complete cure through ayurveda. However in more advanced cases, long term management may be required.

The treatment course may include decompressing procedures like warm fomentations and hot oil compresses, specialised massage therapies to relieve inflammation and to strengthen the muscles, physician advised stretches to create negative spine pressure to reverse the disc bulge and specific yoga practises to improve balance and movement and to prevent recurrence.

Common Causes

  • Spondylitis /spondylosis
  • Herniated and/or bulging discs
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Facet syndromes
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Injuries and accidents
  • Muscle spasms

What can you expect from our program?

  • Eliminate pain and stiffness
  • Regain mobility and flexibility
  • Strengthen the back muscles
  • Repair joint damage and bone loss
  • Reverse the disease cause
  • Return to active life


After an accident I lost my memory, couldnt recognise even my wife or kids and got paralysed. Ayumana treatment brought me back to life. I still cant remember the incident and a long period after that. But I am back to normalcy now physically and mentally and my family and friends think it is a miracle after how they had seen me before.

Sudarsanan, India

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