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Karkidaka chikitsa is a tradition that has been in practice since several centuries, in kerala. It’s a fabulous healing strategy to exploit times of physical, mental and spiritual challenge, to achieve healing and prolonged well being.

Why Karkidaka

Karkidaka is considered the most challenging month of the year in terms of spiritual, mental and physical health. Statistically it’s a month when deaths due to illnesses, accidents and unnatural causes are one of the highest. Our ancestors had followed several customs to address and minimize the inflictions during Karkidaka .

Karkidaka Practises

  • Recital or listening to spiritual scriptures and empowering discourses.
  • Special healing diet [oushada kanji] to enhance immunity.
  • Karkidaka chikitsa to alleviate existing health conditions and to prevent illnesses.
  • Healthy routines - for example during karkidaka all members of the family are advised to get back home by evening; no late nights. Another practice is to drink only warm water boiled with purifying herbs during karkidaka.
  • Satsanga – Social gatherings for spiritual dialogues to keep everyone close and in a positive frame of mind to support mutually if a need arise to one of the members of society.

Influence of karkidaka monsoon on health

Over 80% of the diseases that inflict us are waterborne. The rains increase the chances of disease spread through drinking water, drainage water, water in atmospheric air etc. causing fever, infections etc. In addition the humidity in the atmosphere often aggravates several conditions including arthritis, allergies, asthma etc.

What are the goals of Karkidaka chikitsa

  1. Detoxify – Over days and months we ingest toxins and pollutants that accumulate in your system. These come from polluted air we breathe that is full of vehicle exhaust and industrial pollution; polluted foods that are grown with chemicals and pesticides and prepared or cooked with additives for taste; polluted water that contain numerous contaminants etc. These toxins accumulate in your body and when it reaches a certain level it gives rise to symptoms like allergies, body pains, swellings, depression and even auto immune disorders. The Karkidaka Chikitsa attempts to mobilize the toxins in your body and eliminate them through channels of cleansing.
  2. Boost Immunity – The Oushada kanji which is prepared with herbs proven to enhance and strengthen the immune system will compliment the detoxification strategies to boost the immunity.
  3. Rejuvenate – The massage therapies will improve circulation and increase oxygen and nutrient level in the tissues to rejuvenate and refresh the body.
  4. Shed the flab – The therapies will also help to shed the flab by breaking down fat deposits and toning the body.
  5. Alleviate current health concerns – An experienced physician can advise ways to address the current ailments and heal them. If you treat and heal your health conditions in the most challenging of times, the chances are that the body will be equipped to deal challenges during less testing times more efficiently and as seen in most cases, rest of the year will be symptom free.

Goals of Karkidaka chikitsa

  • Detoxify
  • Boost Immunity
  • Rejuvenate
  • Shed the flab
  • Exfoliates to reveal fresh skin
  • Alleviate current health concerns

Practises to follow during the course of Karkidaka

  • Drink atleast 2 litres of luke warm water daily
  • Avoid non-vegetarian foods, fried foods, alcohol and smoking
  • Get back home early and go to bed early
  • Find time to spend with family and friends and people you enjoy sharing your time with.
  • Do deep breathing exercise for 10 minutes in the morning daily

When to start?

In 2017, Karkidaka begins on 17th of July and extends till 16th of August. However due to global warming, climate changes are steadily moving to extremes. A warmer climate causes atmosphere to collect, retain, and drop more water. This influence weather patterns in a way that wet times become wetter and dry times drier. Since last few decades the rains start as early as June and intensify by July. Adapting to the changing times, taking the fundamental goals into consideration, AyurMana starts monsoon treatment program from second week of July to August.last week